Easter Fabric Swap

Hi Everyone!!!

I would like to announce that we will be having an Easter Fabric Swap!!!!!!

Please visit our flickr group and post in the thread if you would like to join in on the swap


We will being going through Elfster for the fabric swap, just as we did for the Christmas Swap. Elfster made it really easy and fun to find out what your swap partners likes and dislikes are without them knowing who wants the information:D

Easter is April 12 and participants will need to have their swap packages sent to their partners no later than April 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either email, flickrmail or convo me.


Team Video Montage is Finished!!!!

Yay! I have the video for the team finished and should get it posted to YouTube this weekend. Please let me know what you all think :D

If you are not in the video and would like to be, please send me a high resolution image of one of your creations for the video. Just send it to my email address: julie@tickledpinkdollfashions.com

View this montage created at One True Media
Doll Couture Etsy Team Montage


Team's Christmas swap

I wanted to give you the information for the Team's Christmas Swap!
We will be doing a plushie/stuffed toy swap.
Here is the information that I sent to everyone on my email list:
The Christmas Swap will be a plushie/stuffed toy swap.
Please be as creative, colorful and imaginative with your toys as you want. Have lots of fun!!!!

If you want to participate, just post in our Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/dollcoutureetsyteam/discuss/72157608710435337/
I'll be setting up the swap through elfster.com and notifying all of the participants by email :D

Sign Up will be open until November 20.


We Have a Winner........

Congratulations to Beth of Glamourcraft!!!!!! She won our Halloween Costume Contest!

Thanks also to all the participants for your wonderful creations! You are all so talented :D


Halloween costume contest

the voting on the Halloween Costume contest is open and will be open until October 25.
Choose your favorite!
Let's go our flickr group!!!



Image hébergée par servimg.com

What's your first name?

I am Jasmin or Jasz (like Jazz the music genre). I was the singer of a mod band in my 20s and all the Brits called me Jazz instead of Jasmin, so Jasz was getting my nickname and I decided to keep it to sign my paintings and drawings later.

Age? I am a thirty-something ;)

And your nickname in the dolls world? *jaszmade

Where do you live? I live in Berlin/Germany

Except the dolls what do you do in the life?
I am an illustrator/ graphic designer, colour addict and typography lover :)

Image hébergée par servimg.com

Other hobbies?
I love to customise Blythe, love Bowie, 60s culture and music, painting, photography, sewing, sleeping, love and cats – I have 2 kitties Gustav a Persian and Rosi a British Short Hair silver shaded sweeeeeetiiiie! I also love books but am too nervous to sit down and read so I listen to audiobooks while I work and craft

What are your favourite dolls?
I love Blythe, especially EBLs as they look a bit moody. The most beautiful Blythe in my eyes is StarD – she is just perfect but at the end of the day I love them all the same :D

Since how long do you collect them? Since september 2007

How did you begin your collection?
It happened by accident when I found a picture of Blythe on Google. It was love at first sight even if I never was a doll person before! Actually I really didn’t like dolls or dolly people before but Blythe strucked me like a bolt of lightning! For me she is the incarnation of the perfect 60s woman
so beautiful, pretty and cute
I fell in love and bought a Lounging Lovely on Ebay. Her name is Luna :)

Image hébergée par servimg.com

What would you like to say about your creations?
I am a 60s addict and you will find hints to the mod culture in nearly all of my creations. I think Blythe clothing should be as valuable as the doll herself, this is what I keep in mind when choosing and making these pieces of love – because Blythe deserves only the best!

Image hébergée par servimg.com

More infos about you:
Well, I am no blogger but have something like that on Blythe Network:

My flickr:

My etsy address:



Image hébergée par servimg.com

What's your first name?Age?
My name is Sandra and I’m 24.
And your nickname in the dolls world?
minkidynamite on etsy, munki on tib
J mmmunki on flickr

Image hébergée par servimg.com

Where do you live? Vienna, Austria

Except the dolls what do you do in the life? I am a student of economics and part time working as secretary.

Other hobbies? My hobbies are sewing and crafting in general. And last but not least reading.

What are your favourite dolls?My favourite doll is Blythe – I love how changeable and cute she is!

Since how long do you collect them?I started just recently in April 2008.

How did you begin your collection?

I saw a beautiful customized Blythe on craftster.org, I guess it was Summer/Autumn 2007 and started googeling about this fantastic doll. I was amazed, but couldn’t afford one for myself and was put off by ordering outside the EU. In April this year I began my research again and found a German online shop that offered Blythes J.

Image hébergée par servimg.com

What would you like to say about your creations? Everything I make is made with love - I put all my mojo in my creations!

More infos about you:




WARNING about Flickr

WARNING girls!!!
It's a very important message: You must delete ALL commercial links in your Flickr account.
The rules of Flickr refuse all commercial links and selling proposal.

Most of dolls collectors receive an email from Flickr about deleting their accounts. Most of these persons have an account pro, which they thus paid.

A Flickr group has been created to protest against this. It calls: Flickr love dolly world

"A large number of accounts of collectors of dolls are threatened to be closed by Flickr.
Does Fickr really love the world of dolls?
That to make against this number increasing of threats of locks of account pro?
Is Flickr a place to expose our passion?
Then Flickr loves you!"

Join this group, keep informed and be watchful!!!


Fabric Swap

Hi members of the doll couture team!

Here is a message from Julie:
There is going to be a Fabric Swap with the sign-up open until July 31. The participants will need to have their swap items out in the mail by August 31 and the swap package should be around $20.00.
I started a thread in the teams flickr group:

"Thanks to the suggestion of Natasha(FernsCloset) we are having a team fabric swap!!!!
This swap will be organized through Elfster.com and after the sign-in period, I'll email all the participants further information on your swap partners.
Let's have FUN with this swap!!! You can do fabrics or anyother trinkets and goodies that you would like to send your swap partner!!!! Please keep the cost of your swap package at around $20.00."

If you're interested, you should directly reply to the flickr group or add a comm' here if you haven't a flickr account.

Competition for banner blog!

Hi dear members!

As you could see on our flickr group, here is a competition between team members to design a banner for the blog!

Would you like to design a banner for the blog team?
Important! Image will be shrunk to 760 pixels wide.

"Doll couture Team" must appears on the banner...Let's speak your imagination!

Send your banner in .jpeg to dollcoutureteam@gmail.com

All banners will be published in this article (update each time we receive a new one) and each member will vote for its favorite at the end of july!

Here is the banner sent by Debbie (Debra's closet)

Image hébergée par servimg.com

Here is the banner sent by Nelene

Image hébergée par servimg.com