Princess Tapi

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What's your first name?
And your nickname in the dolls world? I'm known as mEda and PrincessTapi

Where do you live? I am currently located in Toronto, Canada.

Except the dolls what do you do in the life? Other hobbies?
I am a multimedia artist. I create 2D and 3D art as well as illustrations. I love to play video games but I don't play as much these days because of all the projects I'm involved in. I am currently in the very early stages of planning my first animated short film.
What are your favourite dolls?
Pullip, Taeyang and Lati Blue girls.

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Since how long do you collect them?
I started collecting Pullip and Taeyang dolls about 2 years ago. I bought my first Lati Blue girl about a month ago.

How did you begin your collection?
I saw a Pullip on display at the local Designer Toy store and fell in love with them. My first Pullip was Nero.
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What would you like to say about your creations?
The Princess Tapi Collection was created in 2007. “Princess Tapi” was named after Tapi, my cat who passed away from an illness called FIV (similar to HIV in humans) in August 2002. I started off creating doll clothing and accessories in August 2007 and opened up the little Etsy shop, selling little accessories for Blythe and Pullip. The collection has expanded recently to include unique and stylized pieces for Pipos Baha/Heero Kitties, ZuZu Delf, Alice Cherry Blossom, Lati Yellow and Lati Blue (43cm MSD dolls).The collection features unique and stylized pieces that are sweet and playful, sometimes naughty! My goal is to provide our customers with items that are unique and stylized.
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More infos about you:
Official Website: http://www.princesstapi.com

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