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What's your first name?Age? And your nickname in the dolls world?

Hello !
My name is Helene, I’m 27 years old. My nickname online is Nelene.

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Where do you live? I live in France, in the city of Strasbourg, near the German border.

Except the dolls what do you do in the life?
I work in customer relationship service for a Transport Company.

Other hobbies?
I love to sew (of course), and I used to be a cosplayer for years (making anime/mang, video games costumes for myself and friends). I love to create costumes in general, photography, and I’m a big reader. My favourite hobby is simply to read with a cup of tea on my couch *_*

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What are your favourite dolls?
My favourite dolls are Blythe dolls but I love a lot of very different kind of dolls ! In general I love 1/6 scaled dolls.

Since how long do you collect them? I’ve first bought my first doll in march 2006.

How did you begin your collection?
I first bought a Pullip doll after months of drooling over Pullip and Blythe pics online ! The first time I saw Blythe and Pullip dolls I immediately thought about buying one and sew for her. Sewing at this scale would be a fantastic challenge ! Some months after my first Pullipdolls I bought my first Blythe, and then the dolly craze started ! I now have different kind of dolls : Pullip, Blythe, Momoko, J-Doll and BJD.

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What would you like to say about your creations?
All my creations are crafted with love ! I adore making them, it’s a real pleasure after a hard day of work ! I love to make tiny details and add a “girly” touch to everything. I sew with my machine but all the tiny details are handsewn.

More infos about you:

My Blog : http://nelene-pullips.livejournal.com

My flickr : http://flickr.com/photos/nelene-chan/

My Etsy store : http://www.nelene.etsy.com

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