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What's your first name?Age? Bea, 34.

And your nickname in the dolls world? beadsbyida

Where do you live? Sweden

Except the dolls what do you do in the life? Other hobbies? I craft a lot. When I’m not playing with beads I papercraft. I make cards and the occasional plushie. I’m also a huge fan of cross stitching. I like to read, watch tv-shows and films. I write letters and like to swap craft material and ideas with fellow craftians. I collect quotes.

I have also been interested in photography for many years now, but never been much good at it myself :D

What are your favourite dolls? Pullip & Dal

Since how long do you collect them? It’s nearly a year ago now my husband told me to purchase a Pullip Doll. I just couldn’t refuse! :)

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How did you begin your collection? A friend started collecting Pullips and I was fascinated by them. I started to make some Doll Jewellery but got a bit frustrated that I didn’t have a doll to try them on. That’s how Ida, my Pullip princess, came into my life. Later her sister Isabella (Isa Dal) also moved in and just recently the doll family grew with two new members, a barbie (Amanda) and a doll (Ronja)of which I have no idea what kind of doll she is :)

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What would you like to say about your creations?
My first Pullip Choker I made over nearly a year ago now. My friend, who also inspired me to purchase my own Pullip, really liked it and kept nagging me about to start making more and selling them. It took a half year but it is thanks to her I started making more and sell them on etsy this year february.

My choice of material is Delica seedbeads which I stitch together and then fasten in the back with hooks. I often add a charm or a bead to perk it up a little. Personally I really like these chokers myself. And my girls are so pretty in them!

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